Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Topic 6 :: Dog Fighting

Dog Fighting is a dark subculture of individuals who raise dogs for the purpose of having them fight to the death and betting money on it. It seems to be very accepted with certain cultures who glorify violence and instigate the natural instinct of animals to play, quarrel, or fight. I myself am not a big fan of gambling and betting. I don't need the thrill. Animals fighting in nature are, of course, a natural thing. This being such as, male moose fighting over cows. What is deplorable and sinister is the abysmal conditions under which these animals are raised and housed. Not only that, their typically viciously poisoned with substances such as gunpowder to make them irritable and combative. Furthermore, often times the losing animal is disposed of on-sight in the most barbaric manner such as: drowning, strangling, dousing with gasoline and burning alive etc. In recent years several sports figures have been linked to organized dog fighting rings and the despicable conduct described.

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