Sunday, May 18, 2008


{Partridge in a Pear Tree}
{target} couple
{source} partridge in a pear tree

{Human organs like the operation game}
{source}game operation
{ground}contemporary medical consumer and comparing to operation

{Apple in an Orange}
{target} free floating; pseudometaphorical
{source} apples and oranges
{ground} metaphor of apples and oranges
{tension} they are both physically different fruits

{Cell Phone with Pirate Flag}
{target} Cell Phone
{source} comparison to evil, Pirate

{Credit Debt means Losing House}
{source} Credit card losing house

{Love in the Taj Mahal}
{target} Taj Mahal
{source} Love Couple
{ground} Dwelling of wife in the Taj Mahal, eternal love

{Soaring on Wings of Eagles}
{target} Airforce
{source} Eagle, wings, massive sky god
{ground} they both flight
{tension} Physically impossible to fly on an eagle

{Democrats on Working Man}
{target} white collar man work habits
{source} donkey
{ground} not very productive
{tension} his back would break if he tried to carry a donkey

{Human innerworkings like a machine}
{target} human
{source} factory
{ground} we are a complex mechanism
{tension} we would be robots

{Gluttony; You are what you eat}
{target} not pictured, gluttony
{source} man eating himself, autophagy
{ground} some specific self destruction
{tension} we aren't literally what we eat.

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