Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A.R. {Kristine Lombardi}

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Kristine Lomabardi began her art as early as 1973. She made many artistic projects all through grade school. Her first big career starter was when she landed an art direction project in advertising for Pepsi. Gaining lots of invaluable experience, she continued illustrating projects on her own free lance. Her style of work is mostly mixed media where that includes painting and hand lettering with type press etc, and the occasional digital work. Currently she is working with several art directors, making her own since of flair to art projects.

{Some of Kristine's Clients}
Accent Home
American Cheerleader
American Fitness
American Lawyer
Avanti Press
Bethseda Magazine
Body+Soul Magazine
Bicycling Magazine
Harper Collings
Hilton Hotels
Paramount Cards
Readers Digest
Swank Recordings
Vanity Fair

Very classical styling with her work. I really enjoy seeing the watercolor pieces. The use of type works very nice in her work. The use of mixed media also allows a greater variety in the pieces. I don't think I would want to see one use of media over and over. I think it would become mundane if that was done. Although the work is very nice, I feel it tends to shift towards a more feminine audience rather than universal.

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