Thursday, May 22, 2008

A.R. {Michael Slack}

link to the artist:

Since a child Michael Slack created creepy creatures from library books, such as mummies, scary fish, etc. He continued to start making comics and punk rock gig posters. Finally he decided to attend Cal-Ars for a summer art program and decided art college was his only option. He attended San Fransisco Art Institute where he earned a bachelors in Fine Arts for painting. His style is with mixed media, such as using traditional painting methods and also using computer generated work in photoshop. He has had several works published in magazines, books and on TV.

Chronicle books
Alarm Magazine
Fructose Magazine
Greenwillow Books
Running Press Childrens Books
Harcourt Childrens Books
Ranger Rick Magazine

The style of Michael is very fantastical. It is a range of monsters with a twist. This must be due to the fact of the artist's interpretation of his creepy type worlds and the characters that transpire from them. I really think that his ideas are unique in their conception. I find that there is some similarity in a crossover of food products and insects. The textures are very nice as well. Again, this is part of the eeriness that allows room for further interpretation.

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