Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Article 1 {German Olympic Sponsorship}

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Really, this article is not just about sports, but more of a moral dilemma verses a corporate one. German firms such as Adidas and Volkswagen are using the Olympic logo in China for advertisement purposes. This is a great opportunity for the Advertising companies because it will gain lots of merchandise sells and publicity, but the other hand is a battle of morals with how China's government is running business and human rights in general. The article basically states that in some markets such as france and germany, there is a popular battle brewing about whether sponsoring the chinese Olympics means that it condones violations of human rights and the continuing debate of Tibetan autonomy. The article states how in some countries such as spain and italy there is no such public discussion. German companies are among the most foremost foreign brands in china, and besides having to walk a tight rope of not offending anybody the one issue that escapes some is that the Chinese as such could be offended too and the backlash against foreign brands could be much more severe than anticipated.

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