Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Article 2 {Dengue Fever Spreads through Mosquito}

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A recent Children's hospital in Cambodia had large signs that warned of the spread of a severe epidemic of dengue hemorrhagic fever. The disease isn't a contagious one but rather passed from person to person through the bite of a virus-carrying mosquito. Other countries have experienced these epidemics such as Costa Rica, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam. It has also affected areas such as Rio De Janeiro, Mexico, some residents of Hawaii and Texas in America. One of the Olympic gymnist for this summer, Diego Hypolito, was infected too. The main cause for the infection is the 'day biter' or Aedes aegypti which is primarily active during the early morning and late afternoon. All it takes is basically one infected traveler to bring dengue fever home, where a resident tiger mosquito can transmit it to others. Effects from the infection result in the leaking of capillaries, life threatening loss of blood volume and death from dengue shock syndrome. Scientists have not yet reached a vaccine for the spread of dengue fever and will not have one anytime soon. All of the treatment is symptomatic, where aspirin like drugs, including ibuprofen, need to be avoided due to the cause of bleeding and can make symptoms worse. Mostly Acetaminophen is used to reduce fever and pain.
There are ways of helping to prevent the spread of the mosquitos. A good idea is removing small standings of fresh water, where the mosquito breeds, such as flower pots and old tires. Another good option is to apply sunblock followed by repellent that includes DEET, and spraying clothes with repellent as well.

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