Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Topic 5 :: Lack of Exercise

Lack of Exercise is the key reason for misshapen physiques, self loathing, and rejection by others. Obesity or voluptuous physiques have throughout history and across the world been seen as something possibly pleasant. Rubenesque women of the middle ages, the jolly Buddha, as well as voluminous samoan women bare witness to that. However, most misshapen physiques in America are associated with a lack of exercise. Few obese individuals are socially well adjusted, like the hefty sumo wrestlers of Japan. The mere discussion of obesity, lack of exercise typically arouses quick voices of protest, as the numbers of overweight have grown. It seems as though any discussion about lack of exercise and obesity becomes a personal affront to many who all they hear is a personal insult, which quickly evokes a question as, "Are you calling me fat?" The bottom line is that a healthy physique may or may not be skinny or big boned depending on the person. However, many individuals let it 'hang all out' and collectively are creating a national health crisis.

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