Thursday, May 22, 2008

A.R. {Seymour Chwast}

artist's link:

Seymour Chwast is largely known as one of the founders or Push Pin Studios, that was formed in 1954. The Studio is World known for it's reputation of innovative designs and illustrations. Seymour mostly works in mixed medias, from painting, inking, and even computer design. He creates a variety of works from illustrations, to conceptual, to even logo and identity design. He is a recipient of the AIGA Medal, glorified in the Hall of Fame for Art Directors, and has an honorary Ph.D in Fine Art from the Parsons School of Design, in NY. Chwast has exhibited countless works and lectured widely such as the Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum and many other major museums.

New York Times
Time Magazine
Boston Magazine
Custon Ice Cream
Erlanger Beer
German Glassware Firm
Serendipity Restaurant
Brooklyn Children's Museum
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
Mr. Chips Ice cream parlor
Tracey Associates
various art exhibit posters

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Will Schofield said...

Nice! Check out some of Chwast's book covers at my site.