Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A.R. :: Alex Fellow

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Fellows The 25-year old Canadian is a rising alt-comics star and winner of a Xeric Grant. Fantagraphics Booked dropped Alex's first graphic novel, CANVAS, earlier this year. He also commissions work by making comic strips for clients and currently making a fully-llustrated Children's book. Fellows is an animator/illustrator/cartoonist. Alex Fellows is also on myspace and continues to upload new drawings and animations for his viewers. Most of his styles typically focus around ink drawings with watercolor finishes. He also creates animation files as well throught his use of two-dimensional works.
I really enjoy the style of work that Fellows creates, and one of my favorites is an animation clip with a man in the snow.


Jimmy said...

I once met Alex Fellows at a Comic Convention. He really had a way about him. He arm wrested Joe Queseda and when Alex lost, he spit in Joe's face. He's got a lot of moxy for a 25-year old!

Gino said...

Alex gave a copy of Canvas to Michel Gondry... FOR FREEEEE!!! Unfair!