Thursday, May 22, 2008

A.R. {Ana Bagayan}

artist link:

Ana Bagayan moved to Burbank, CA from Vermenia when she was six and slowly developed her interest for art which she then attended Art Center in Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor's in Fine Art for Illustration. Her media mostly consists of painting mediums, such as Acrylic, Oils, etc. Her style can be defined of a surrealistic nature. She currently lives on Venice Beach with her boyfriend continuing her art career for clients.

{Ana's Clients}
Rolling Stone Magazine
Wieden + Kennedy
Publicis Mojo
Crispin Porter and Bogusky
GQ Magazine
Spin Magazine
Lucky Tangerine
Mighty Fine
Moon Design
Sony BMG

Ana is actually one of my recently favorite illustrators. I love how well she pushes the media around on the wood panel. The richness of colors and texture in her paintings have such depth. I am particularly fond of her series of baby animals eating the mother. It is twisted, and provocative, yet keeps me rolling with laughter. Way to push some boundaries.

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