Thursday, May 15, 2008

A.R. :: Doug Ross


Doug Ross is an illustrator in Santa Cruz, United States. Ross studied graphic design at Sheridan College of Canada after studying engineering at the University of Toronto. Since 1991 he has engaged in the artworld as a free-lance illustrator. He donates a great deal of his time to charities such as the Marine Mammal Center, California Bat, Conservation Fund, and even the California Aids Run. His style like many others is different medias. He works with a lot of digital prints to even hand made silkscreening.

{Some of Ross' Clients}
AdWeek, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Glaxo Smith Klein, Harvard Business Review, IBM, Info World, MacWorld, McGraw-Hill, National Post, New York Times, Outside, PCWorld, Red Herring, Royal Bank of Canada, Seagate, Sunset Publishing, Time Inc., The Wall Street Journal

Advertising & Design Club of Canada 1995
Advertising & Design Club of Canada 1996
Studio Magazine 1996
Society of Publication Designers 1997, Spots category
Advertising & Design Club of Canada 1999, Silver + Merit
British Design & Art Direction 1999
Applied Arts Magazine 2000/2001
American Illustration 26 (2006)

I really enjoy the style that Ross creates. The images are very simplistic but the use of color is impressive along with the concepts. He has a very nice variety of subjects as well.

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dross said...

Thanks for noticing my work, and good luck in the future.