Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A.R. {Tom Schamp}

artist link:

Tom Schamp was born in 1970, May 22 in Mortsel, Belgium and grew up in Brussels. He attended the Sint-Lukas Institute in Brussels, and another year in Poland studying graphics. Gradually, he developed a style of his own where he works in acrylic paint on cardboard. His illustrations are aimed at children and adults.

Children Book Companies:
Le Seuil
Humo Magazine
Playboy Magazine
De Standaard
NRC Handelsbald
Anima 2004
Boekenbeurs 2003
Festival van Vlaanderen

Schamp is a very interesting character. I am quite impressed with the use of material as well. He has a wonderful since of color usage and also with distorting perspectives. There are several refrences to work of matisse and other artists as well. The style is very loose and yet even thought the characters are exaggerated, the forms are turned quite nicely with a since of volume.

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