Thursday, May 15, 2008

A.R. :: Olimpia Zagnoli


Olimpia Zagnoli, also referred to as Oz, considers himself 'bambino in incognito.' Oz is an illustrator who gains a lot of reference from Picasso and his style methods of work. Oz uses an assortment of media as well, from ink and photoshop, to collage, photography, cut paper, even using illustrator to create compositions. He even makes custom hand acrylic paintings on skateboards.

{Oz Clients include}
Revista Colectiva
Skateboard Decks
Plan B Magazine
Bak Magazine
Le cool Magazine
Open Air
Just Illos

One of my favorite series of the artist is Anatomy of a tissue paper. He created a summary idea of how he sees inside of the human anatomy. This show was exhibited at a Children's bookfair exhibition, Bologna, Italy also at Itabashi Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan; Otani Art Museum, and Nishinomiya, Japan. The artist definitely gets some of his style from Picasso. I think his ideas with mixed media and cut paper really open up a range of creativity for his works.

Kawara Museum, Takahama, Japan.

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