Friday, May 30, 2008



{In Class Exercise}

A.R {Nora Krug}


Nora Krug is an Illustrator who works in mostly mixed media. She studied Graphic and Stage Design at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing arts and Illustration and Documentary Film at the Berlin University of Arts. She also attended the School of Visual Arts in NY. Her illustrations are visual narratives that have appeared in many different publications. She ccontinues today creating art and freelance work.

New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Comedy Central
Nylon Magazine
Print Magazine
American Illustration
ARS Electronica
The Guardian

Nora creates some pretty interesting stuff. I really like her color choices. The palette is so refined and works very well with her overall pieces. Some of her animations are pretty cool too.

A.R. {Chip Wass}


Chip Wass attended the University of Iowa and The Art Institute of Chicago before he made his move to New York in 1989. He is an Illustrator and Designer where he has produced award-winning Illustrations and even character designs for several different clients. His style consists of creating digital works and animations.

Nick at Nite
Cartoon Network
The New York Times
Entertainment Weekly
Penguin Books
Nick Jr.
Life Magazine
The Washington Post
The Chicago Tribune
The Metropolitan Opera
The Nation
Pizza Hut

Chipp has some really cool character designs. I can't believe that a lot of childhood characters that I have seen were designed by him! The style in which he uses is very smart in producing mass numbers. Rock on Dude.

A.R. {Greg Mably}


Greg is an Artist based in Toronto Canada. He attended The Ontario College of Art gaining an extensive background in art as well as his BFA. He works for a lot of magazine companies as well as other corporate businesses. He has received recognition from businesses such as American Illustration, AIGA, etc.


Greg has a very unique style. I like the idea of vector based graphics with a twist. This is very cool to look at.

A.R. {Stephanie Wunderlich}


Stephanie Wunderlich is a freelance Illustrator with a means to an end. She works with several companies producing her work. Her style mostly consists of collaging and photoshop.

Geo Special
Custo Barcelona
Wall Street Magazine
New York Magazine
Havard Business Review
Natural Health Magazine
Style Magazine

Stephanie is very minimalistic and creates some very vibrant pieces. I really love the way she takes figures and distorts them to a minimal style. It becomes very deco or retro. This is something everyone should check out.

A.R. {Coco}


Coco is an illustrator who has gained a perspective of insight through studying design and art in Paris. Coco likes to work in mixed media and revolves themes around design and fashion. Coco helped set up an organization in London called {getconfused} Coco is a freelance and full time designer as well as illustrator.

Couture Jewellery
Demure Untamed
Anois Anais

I really love her style of collaging with mixed media
The idea of overlapping images and using slight washes or other medias to emphasize the subject matter is so inventive.

A.R {Ilana Kohn}


Ilana attended the Pratt Institute after moving to Brooklyn as a child. She graduated with a BFA in Communication Design and Illustration. She works full time as a freelance illustrator in Greene Brooklyn. She uses a style of painting that mostly is pulled from ideas of impressionism and abstraction.

The New York Times
Utne Reader
American Medical News
The Deal
LA Weekly
Hanley Wood Media
The Stranger
L Magazine
The Rake
The Advocate

I find that Ilana has a refreshingly different approach to illustration. Most of her work is so aggressively done with a free flow. I love how loose the textures are in her work. It really contributes to an interesting point of view.

A.R. {Steven Assael}


Steven was born in New York, NY, in the year 1957. He studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn as well as took an independent study in Europe from a scholarship at Pratt. Steven works in mixed media, however he truly enjoys using traditional materials. His work ranges from classical, to modern in variations throughout his work.

Arts in America
The Washington Post
New Yorker
Art and Auction
New York Times
Art News
Morning Call
American Arts Quarterly

I find his work to be very interesting. The details in his figures are absolutely breathtaking. I really love his value range and color scale as well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A.R. {Montse Bernal}


Montse Bernal is from Barcelona, Spain originally. The artist uses a variety of materials, ranging from dry media to painting, to even digital and some animations. Montse graduated in fine arts by the University of Barcelona. Bernal also is specialized in illustration in ENSAD of Paris.

Women's Secret
Mandarina Duck
PASTE Magazine
Nylon Magazine
Texas Montly

Montse has some beautiful work. I really enjoy the presentation of the work, very nicely done. I think the conceptual aspect is very well achieved in the pieces. I think the drawing skills by the artist are incredible. WOW!

A.R. {Andrew Hem}


Andrew Hem attended Art Center College of Design and graduated with A BFA in the year 2006. His style mostly consists of a painterly fashion and hand done material. He likes to paint in several media from Oil to Acrylic. He also creates alot of interesting drawings as well. He has had several exhibitions ranging from Portland, SF, San Jose, Phoneix, Costa Mesa, Italy, and London.

Lucky Brand Jeans
LA Times
Chicago Time Out
St Antony's messenger
Sony Pictures
Idn Magazine
Huston Magazine
Boss Lady Designs
Smc Lab
Three Legged Legs

I really must say that Andrew has some interesting work. Not that I am particularly fond of it, but he has some clever conceptual ideas when he is portraying figures. The color palette is a bit washed out for me, but I prefer vibrant colors. Overall, I feel his color choice works well with his compositions.