Thursday, May 22, 2008

A.R. {Matte Stephens}

artist's link:

Matte Stephens is orignially from Birmingham, Alabama. He has exhibited work all over the US and in some parts of Northern Europe. He lives with his wife Vivienne and their pets. He is a painter and has a type of retro style to his work. He mostly uses Gouache on plywood for his technique. He is inspired by such artists as Ray Eames, Buckminister Fuller, Irving Harper, George Nelsom etc.

{Some of Matte's Clients}
Velocity Art and Design
Design Sponge
Modern Twist
Apartment Therapy

Matte's work isn't particularly my favorite. I do appreciate and enjoy his work and hope that more work comes for him. I do think his use of materials is handled well though. Probably my favorite piece is that of the fox. I think it looks so sweet and cunning. I would like to see a branching out of the same material to further push his concepts and production.

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