Thursday, May 15, 2008

A.R. :: Gabriella Corbera

Gabriella Corbera work can be described as a very edgy retro style. Gabriella lives and works in Barcelona. She works in Mixed media such as acrylic, silk-screening and digital. Corbera runs a business called HeadOnBoards where the artist develops old comics and graphics from the early years of twentieth century and tries to adapt them to present times and for client assignments. She uses inspirations such as Old Cartoonists: Schulz, John Stanley, Frank King, Elsie Segar, Tezuka- Present cartoonists: Seth, Kim Deitch or Chris Ware - And so: the old times - bad printing - naïf attitudes - banjo sound - folk music - damaged things - birds - unknown old men & women - Old movies - James Stewart - Irene Dunne - Jacques Tati - old Penguin book designs - vintage cards - 30's & 40's commercial art - mistakes - child doodles - scribbles- hats - pipes - churches - façades and windowsills - worn-out shoes - etc.

{Clients Include}

Lin Magazine:

from no.1, March 2007 until now in the passtimes section.

Esquire (Spain) no.7:
Article about LSD , April 2008

43rd Annual SPD Awards: Gold Medal
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Gabriella definitely pulls out a fun dirty grundgy style of work. I love seeing that hand quality of designer work. There are a lot of interesting takes on earlier artist from the twentieth century. I especially enjoy her color palette as well. She really knows how to use nice complimentary colors. The use of type is presented well in her pieces. I actually might start pulling references from these ideas myself.

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