Thursday, May 15, 2008


Skwak is a french illustrator from North of France. Skwak creates a series of works that revisite the children fairy tales and many different universal myths. His unique graphic universe (Maniac World) is soaked, choking. The adventures his characters (the Maniacs) are living are inspired from our daily life such as: love stories, treason, manipulation... However, all of them can be seen as absurd and extremely exaggerated. Skwak likes to express such ideas through and elevated height of escalation, through power, wealth, plastic surgery, celebrity...etc

{Skwaks exhibitions include}
Born to be a maniac", exposition individuelle, Addict Galerie, Paris.
"Hors d'oeuvre", exposition collective, Addict Galerie, Paris.
"place 54", exposition collective, Addict Galerie, Paris.
Sneakers delight, Adidas shop, Lisbonne.
"The world of SK", exposition ArToyz Paris
"Addict", exposition collective, Addict Galerie, Paris.
"Scion Gallery", exposition collective, Los Angeles.
"Espace VO", exposition collective, Taxie Gallery, Paris.
"BunnyQee Fiesta", exposition collective, Hong Kong.
"ToyQube", exposition collective, New York.
"Artoyz/Imaginary Toy", exposition collective, paris.
Pimp my Doll, exposition collective, exposition itinérante.
In Plush we trust, exposition collective, Chicago.
Plushtrastrophe, exposition collective, Chicago.
Toy2r World Tour exposition collective.
War of Monstars, exposition collective, Lazy Dog, Paris.

{Some of Skwaks clients include}
Nike, Levis, BeautifulDecay, Microsoft (Zune), Artoyz, Mindstyle, Addict Galerie , Qhuit, Hartcourt, Publicis, Tribal DDB, Mango (Palette), AIDES (TBWA), Djinns, WinWin, Computer Arts, Mekanism, Crosscan, String Republic, VH1 (Gunshop)...

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