Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A.R. {Andrew Hem}


Andrew Hem attended Art Center College of Design and graduated with A BFA in the year 2006. His style mostly consists of a painterly fashion and hand done material. He likes to paint in several media from Oil to Acrylic. He also creates alot of interesting drawings as well. He has had several exhibitions ranging from Portland, SF, San Jose, Phoneix, Costa Mesa, Italy, and London.

Lucky Brand Jeans
LA Times
Chicago Time Out
St Antony's messenger
Sony Pictures
Idn Magazine
Huston Magazine
Boss Lady Designs
Smc Lab
Three Legged Legs

I really must say that Andrew has some interesting work. Not that I am particularly fond of it, but he has some clever conceptual ideas when he is portraying figures. The color palette is a bit washed out for me, but I prefer vibrant colors. Overall, I feel his color choice works well with his compositions.

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