Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State of the Union :: Post VI

I am definitely a different kind of Illustrator. I would say that I enjoy creating art that I am commissioned to produce. I love to illustrate anything and everything. I haven't quite figured out what my 'specific' niche is just yet, but I am still learning. I hope to continue sending my work to constant publications and slowly ease my way into the markets. I would also like to go back to Los Angeles or New York for a little while and create bodies of work for different exhibitions. For now, I will continue Illustrating for clients whether that be books, magazines, newspaper articles, etc.
My present work yes and no
ten images themes, techniques, subjects, formats
I am a bit confused as to what my portfolio is lacking. I do however know certain things that I would like create. I am hoping the discussion will help guide me along and tailor my work to a stronger grouping as a whole.

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Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Hey Dakoda, the Illustration show is coming up on Monday so if you could bring one or two of your best pieces and put them in student services on Monday. T'would be great.