Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State of the Union :: Post I

• My favorite media to work in is acrylic. I like to work in Oils, Watercolor, Pastels, Dry Media such as Charcoal, Conte, etc.
• I am not a particular fan of working in Chalk Pastels because it tends to be too messy.
• I would like to work in Gauche. I think that could be a fun medium to experiment with.
• Three classes that have influenced my illustration are Digital Imaging, Interactive Media, and Communication Studio IV. Digital Imaging and Interactive Media have helped push my concepts and execution of work in a different way of Illustrating. I was able to experiment with creating work Digitally and even using ways of incorporating the user in the pieces. Comm. Studio IV was with Cecil Kim in Los Angeles which really helped me to push my painting skills even further without the purist method. I am very much inspired to create the same style of work in process but instead using the computer as a medium.
• The work of my peers has helped with the way I think and also allowing me to step back and see my work from another angle. I believe my peers have helped influence my thoughts and processes to be less narrow and widen the range of work that I create.
• I love pop music, techno, and soft classic. Also, depending on the mood I am in I can really listen to anything.
• I love to sing, and Act. I love running, Yoga, dancing. etc
Something I like that I don't think anyone else does is Disney Films.
• The three pieces I would love to own would be the Nike of Samothrace, Monet's Waterlilies, and The Mona Lisa.

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