Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State of the Union :: Post III

• My creative process would be one that is done very methodically. I begin with writing down the thoughts relating to the concept I am trying to achieve. Next, I usually begin looking at reference images and art to help inspire me. I begin taking into consideration all of my research and developing thumbnails. After sketching, I take my clearest ones and try to refine the composition and figure out the best way to execute my concept. After my thumbnail has been selected I usually like to work on woodpanel or illustration board and paint my piece with acrylics. This method is typically my most favorite.
I feel that my process could be more efficient if I planned ahead with more thumbnails and references. Usually I get 'writer's block' and can't develop certain ideas as far as I would like to. I could also pull on collected images that I have gathered previously in anticipation for just such a project. Being so critical I know I could always do better. Something that I strive for as an Illustrator is perfection. A goal that will never be fully achieved but still is my target.

• I admire professional film director, Steven Speilberg's creative processes for a number reasons. He is a very prolific person, with a very imaginative mind. He will never run out of ideas because he allows the story as well as the actors to inspire him for creative and unexpected results that veer from any mechanical methodology. He is in other words prepared to allow others on a day to day basis to inspire him with creativity. His creative process includes writing ideas down to something workable on paper, discussing the work detailed by taking those ideas to action sequences and finally taking that to film.

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