Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Illustration Promo :: Artists

I am mostly confused about where I am typically heading in my promo design. I found a great website, recommended by another artist, that is a definite starter for me.

Frank Flothmann
- is an artist from Berlin and has an interesting way of presenting his illustrations with a poster. The cool part is that you have all these different points of view and can fold it in several different ways.

Chet Phillips - has a simple approach but its elegance makes it subtle and effective.

Laura Galbraith
- She has a very hand crafted approach that could be interesting

Michael Slack - I love the texture with single characters on the cover. A possible idea.

Frances Castle - I LOVE THE COASTER. That could be so interesting to do something so creative and give the client something they can use! Although I might need to think about a way to keep the coaster from fading and tearing when it gets wet. Hmmm.

I think there are some great ideas to work with here.

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