Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{Revised Version of Napoleon}

This Illustration was originally projected to be the cover of the Memphis Flyer. However, it was later in editorial meetings to be too lop-sided and controversial (by a thin margin). Although provocative and possibly modifiable by adding a tear jerking tree hugger to the picture, it was still 'too much.'  In a small town like Memphis there is still a significant amount of caution of alienating a potentially troublesome institution, such as the zoo administration. They might find themselves side-lined from future access to media information from the zoo. However even-handedness is the obligation of any publication and that teaches any political satirist to anticipate expectations.
The image you are viewing is an evolution of my earlier creation of Zoo Director, Chuck Brady. I decided to add other components to the illustration to symbolize the complexity of the controversy. 
  • The number one contention of the controversy is the irresponsible clear-cutting of a rare piece of ancient forest {symbolized by tree stumps and chain-saw}. 
  • Number two of the contention is that besides the trees affected, a complex ecosystem was destroyed with complete oblivion {symbolized by the squashed frog underneath the triumphant boot}. 
  • Number three of the contention is that the zoo professes to be interested in conservation, but to create their vision a perfect piece of natural ecology is sacrificed for an artificial piece of wildlife. {represented by a wooden crate titled 'ACME instant mild-life}. 
  • Lastly, the zoo has gained a reputation to be run by a self-serving money dynasty that is creating a zoo that is becoming progressively less affordable for the native population of Memphis of who at least a quarter are below the national property line {symbolized by a crop duster trailing a banner with the words 'Cha Ching'}.

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